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Majdanek: The beast is born….Part III

Posted in Essential Postings, Majdanek by littlegreyrabbit on June 25, 2010

In Part I and Part II I discussed evidence that suggests that the Soviets constructed large parts of the New Crematorium at Majdanek on liberation in July 1944.  Confirmation of hypothesis has come from the Nuremberg Interrogations of Arthur Liebehenschel, who was demoted to Majdanek for having a romance with a girl considered inappropriate by Himmler.  This interview took place on 18 September 1944 by an interrogator more interested in the function of the WVHA then esoteric details of Majdanek and therefore had no pre-conceived ideas of what answers should be in this regard.

Here is a portion of the interview: (more…)

Majdanek: The beast is born…Part II

Posted in Aktion Reinhar(d)(t), Essential Postings, Majdanek by littlegreyrabbit on May 12, 2010

In part one of this series regarding the crematorium/gas chamber of Majdanek, I looked at the liberation photos of the New Crematorium of Majdanek and showed that there were incriminating signs of recent construction and deceit on the part of the Russians.  In part three, at some future date, I intend to look at the various plans of the New Crematorium and in Part IV I will look at the alleged gas chambers and their documentation and demonstrate that these are consistent with nothing more sinister than a normal hygiene and disinfection block. (more…)

Majdanek: the beast is born… Part 1

Posted in Essential Postings, Majdanek by littlegreyrabbit on March 15, 2010

 While it would not be true that Majdanek was the start of the Allied-Soviet Greul Propaganda drive, Babi Yar perhaps takes that crown, it was by far the biggest publicity event to date and the best choreographed.

Majdanek was equipped with an old crematorium consisting of two mobile ovens dating back close to the camp’s establishment.  However, allegedly in 1943 the Germans built a new crematorium with 5 ovens, a gas chamber and a water heating facility (albeit one that was not attached to anything aside from Oberscharführer Mussfeld’s own personal bathtub in the crematorium itself).  Strangely the Soviets took a large number of photographs and film footage at liberation in July/August 1944 showing scaffolding up the chimney, very much like it had just been constructed. (more…)

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