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Albert Goering and News of the Holocaust

Posted in Uncategorized by littlegreyrabbit on September 17, 2015

I have just completed Thirty Four: The Key to Goering’s Last Secret by William Hastings Burke, possibly the most narcissistic and self-indulgent historical study ever published.  It is about Albert, the brother of Hermann Goering, and his lobbying his brother to assist a few dozens of society prominents.  Often these are cases who had multiple people lobbying for their relief or assisting people to emigrant when it was still official policy to encourage emigration.  Some tales of resistance acts by Skoda officials are downright absurd and would find no collaboration in the archives of the victorious allies.  Archduke Joseph Ferdinand was released from Dachau in April 1938, before Albert claimed to have lobbied for his release in May 1938; in any case mostly only communists were permanently detained in the wave of arrests in the aftermath of the Anschluss.  However, in general Albert Goering comes across as a genuinely humane person, regime hostile and I am sure his efforts were gratefully appreciated by the recipients perhaps to the point of puffing up accounts of his activities after the war.  As such, it is interesting to see the accounts Albert Goering gave concerning the Holocaust during his time in American captivity after the war.