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Birkenau Bollocks: Building photos of “Krema” III inconsistent with crematoriu

Posted in Auschwitz, Essential Postings by littlegreyrabbit on October 13, 2010

This is the first of a sporadic series on posts showing how the sites at Birkenau known today as “Krema” II and III originally had a much different purpose and and layout than that shown in what are alleged to be the construction blueprints of these buildings.  For reasons which I will not elaborate here, it is my belief that these two buildings were in reality bakeries.  Whether that is in fact the case, is irrelevant besides the demonstrable fact that they were not crematoria, or at least not crematoria as were detailed by the blueprints.  My own realization of this fact came some years ago when I noticed the complete absence of underground flues at “Krema” II, underground flues which would be required to connect the ovens to the smoke-stack.  Fortunately there are plenty of other indications for people unwilling to immediately take a trip to Poland

This is one of the Building Album photos, allegedly buried by the Camp Resistance movement and dug up again after liberation.  It shows the construction of “Krema” III, looking out to where allegedly the gassing and undressing underground chambers would be later built.  On the left can be seen the scaffolding of the construction of the smoke stack and in the foreground can be seen the area where the ovens and the rear steps of the ovens should be located.  Yet the floor seems to be simply that, a floor without any cavities for ovens, steps or underground flues being constructed.

Building Krema III ground floor

To assist those who are not aware of the supposed layout of these facilities, this one of the blueprints for “Krema” II, a mirror image of the “Krema” III building.  I have placed a grey arrow to show the approximate direction of the camera field of view (although in “Krema” III, it would be in the reverse direction).  A minimum of two, but more like three oven building locations ought to have been visible in this photo, instead of the smooth, unbroken floor that is visible.

Floor plan of Krema II

A photo of the rear view of the Topf ovens in Mauthausen gives an indication of what a double muffle oven would look like:

Rear of Mauthausen ovens (taken without permission from Scrapbookpages)

And finally a profile blueprint of “Krema” II oven room demonstrates how complicated the structure of the floor of the oven room should have been:

Profile: Krema II ovenroom

Few people would be willing to totally dismiss the evidence of the blueprints on the basis of this one anomalous building photo.  Fortunately I can assure such people that there are plenty more anomalous features that can be identified which calls into the question the authenticity of these plans.

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  1. Michael said, on October 14, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Hello little grey rabbit! and thank you for your postings! I’m amazed at the amount of disdain directed your way from some of the folks at rodoh, actually, I’m not THAT surprised. I’m not a member, but I peruse the forums frequently. Pooshoodog loves you so much that even though he has you on “ignore”, he announces the fact almost every time he posts something after you.
    Anyway, kind regards…and keep it coming!
    Thank you

  2. […] found a shocking claim on a blog post of one of the readers who regularly comments on my posts.  Here is a quote from the blog of […]

  3. Black Rabbit said, on November 3, 2011 at 2:29 am

    I very much enjoyed reading your posts on this thread I chanced across yesterday.

    “When I am banned, I hope it may be said
    His sins were scarlet, but his forum posts were read”
    – little grey rabbit

    And they’ve banned you as well.


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