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Majdanek: The beast is born….Part III

Posted in Essential Postings, Majdanek by littlegreyrabbit on June 25, 2010

In Part I and Part II I discussed evidence that suggests that the Soviets constructed large parts of the New Crematorium at Majdanek on liberation in July 1944.  Confirmation of hypothesis has come from the Nuremberg Interrogations of Arthur Liebehenschel, who was demoted to Majdanek for having a romance with a girl considered inappropriate by Himmler.  This interview took place on 18 September 1944 by an interrogator more interested in the function of the WVHA then esoteric details of Majdanek and therefore had no pre-conceived ideas of what answers should be in this regard.

Here is a portion of the interview:Q.What happened to them?  A.  To my [900] prisoners?
Q. No, to the 15,000 [originally in the camp]?  A.  They had been sent to other camps earlier.
Q.  Who told you this?  A.  That information was given to me by my predecessor SS Lt-Colonel Weiss.
Q.  Was he there when you arrived?  A.  He was there and I then took over the position from him.
Q.  To which camps were these people sent?  A.  To various camps, the majority was sent to Buchenwald, Mauthausen and Auschwitz, but I’m not certain.
Q.  So this Kommandant acted against Himmler’s orders?  As the order Himmler gave was to exterminate these people when the enemy came?  A.  That could be.  In any event at that time…
Q.  That could be?  That was so.  And you know about this order, as well as I do?  A.  Know of it?  Yes.
Q.  So we could say that this Camp Kommandant Weiss, went against Himmler’s orders?  A.  In any case he received and followed the orders to distribute the prisoners to other camps.
Q.  Was there not also a crematorium at Lublin?  A.  In the concentration camp there was a single oven in a wooden barrack.
Q.  And gas chambers?  A.  I didn’t see any.  I was not there

Q.  In your opinion, do you believe the other SS Commanders thought Pohl as an efficient administrator?  A.  I believe only to some extent.  In a time where all order has gone and a whole New World is coming onto us, it is difficult to say, as many will voice their insults and abuse against others

In fact the single oven can to this day been found sitting dismantled in a backroom of the New Crematorium

A beautiful convergence of evidence with scaffolding and construction work observable in the liberation photos and distinct lack of carbon deposits in the flues and oven interiors today.  As an aside, Arthur Liebehenschel claimed he had been left with 450 prisoners solely for camp maintenance after more than 90% of the remaining prisoners had been evacuated.  Had there really been a desire to destroy or hide the crematorium such a work force could have done a far better job than simply allegedly setting fire to the wooden barrack that housed it.

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