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Majdanek: The beast is born…Part II

Posted in Aktion Reinhar(d)(t), Essential Postings, Majdanek by littlegreyrabbit on May 12, 2010

In part one of this series regarding the crematorium/gas chamber of Majdanek, I looked at the liberation photos of the New Crematorium of Majdanek and showed that there were incriminating signs of recent construction and deceit on the part of the Russians.  In part three, at some future date, I intend to look at the various plans of the New Crematorium and in Part IV I will look at the alleged gas chambers and their documentation and demonstrate that these are consistent with nothing more sinister than a normal hygiene and disinfection block.

In this part I look at the state of the crematorium today and suggest that the complete absence of any carbon deposits inside the ovens and the flues under the floor connecting the ovens to the chimney, that we can be confident that this was indeed, as the liberation photos suggest, a swiftly built construction by the Russians and that Majdanek never expanded beyond its original facility, the Old Crematorium – most likely using two mobile ovens.

For orientation I present a photo of the ovens at the

Majdanek ovens from (without permission)

The smoke from the five ovens collected above the ovens and at the front and ran down in two places to beneath the floor, ie oven – downward flue -oven – oven – oven – downward flue – oven.  The two flues than ran beneath the floor in front of the ovens and joined each side of the chimney stack (the structure covered in scaffolding at liberation).  There are very non-airtight metal covers in the floors that can be lifted up and the underfloor flues inspected.  Lowering  a camera down, they appear like this

Flues under crematorium floor

The flue has a floor of dirt with no brick base, the walls are simply set into the dirt, unsurprisingly one or two bricks have fallen in, and there seem to be some unused bricks just left scattered around.  There is no refractory brick used for resisting high temperatures and the roof is just a normal cement.  Finally there is absolutely no detectable ash or carbon deposit whatsover ever.  It seems impossible that the dirt floor would not have mixed with some ash or soot if it had in reality been operational.

A closer up shot of the walls show:

Flues under the floor

This simply stressses the completely undiscoloured normal brick.

At the other end it is possible to take pictures inside the oven and capture the state of the beginning of the  flues just above the burning chamber. 

oven interior

At the top of the picture is the start of the flue above the oven, the arch at the bottom is the top of the oven mouth where the corpses were supposed to be introduced.  Again a complete absence of any soot, ash, or carbon or any heat damage.

top of oven flue

top of oven flue showing the opening by which the gases might exit

Two similar photos, the lower one showing the opening which ran along above of the ovens and connected to the flue that ran downwards to beneath the floor.  Again, uncontaminated by any soot or ash or carbon deposit.

Combined with the various liberation photos showing chimney and remnant walls in various states of construction, these completely clean and unblackened flues, combined with the poor, hasty construction directly into the dirt point very strongly that the New Crematorium never existed during German operation of the camp and the Old Crematorium was sufficient for their needs.

This leads to some very startling implications beyond Majdanek that will be explored sometime in the future.

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