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Jedwabne: A fraudulent exhumation

Posted in Essential Postings, Miscellanous by littlegreyrabbit on April 30, 2010

The story of Jedwabne is well enough not known not to need to be extensively retold here.  It re-emerged into the public sphere after the publication of Neighbours by Jan Gross, chronicling how spontaneously the townsfolk of Jedwabne immediately upon German invasion in 1941 rounded up their Jewish neighbors, drove them into a barn and set it on fire. (more…)

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Elie Wiesel: The Documents

Posted in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Essential Postings by littlegreyrabbit on April 20, 2010

[UPDATE: More up-to-date details and suggestions concerning the mystery of Elie Wiesel’s tattoo can be read on this site here: ]

Its not my wish to recount in detail the story of Miklos Grüner, survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, who believes  that Elie Wiesel has stolen the identity of a 31 year old man he knew at Auschwitz as Lazar Wiesel.  This can be found in number of places, including Carlo Mattogno here  What I want to do is allow Miklos Grüner to have his say and to present the documents he uncovered. (more…)

Jews where they shouldnt be: Dutch Jews in the Baltics

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One of the difficulties of Holocaust research is finding out what happened to the deported Jews after moving through the various transit camps of Poland.  It really requires reading on odd places and making connections over time.  For example, a single reference to Dutch Jews in the vicinity of Wilna in 1943 could be mistaken or happenstance.  If you find another such reference in a completely independent source, then you have a strong indication that something has emerged out of the obscurity. (more…)

Correction Corner: Everybody on Eichmann’s visit to Treblinka, Belzec or anywhere

Posted in Aktion Reinhar(d)(t), Correction Corner by littlegreyrabbit on April 7, 2010

Eichmann, during his custody in Israel, claimed to have visited one of the Aktion Reinhar(d)(t) camps.  A camp he believes was Treblinka.  Historians usually say he visited either Belzec or in the case of Christopher Browning a mystery experimental site somewhere near Belzec.  Either claim involves suppressing information that Eichmann provided, as we shall see. (more…)

Altreich transports to Minsk and Gruppe Arlt

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One of my beliefs is that our understanding of Holocaust history has been distorted by the systematic tainting of archives, primarily but not solely in the Eastern Bloc.  One of these is the Czech Military Archive in Prague that in 1968 released a documentary collection regarding the RF-SS entitled Unsere Ehre heisst Treue.  This was a facismile collection detailing atrocities during the invasion of the Soviet Union 1941 and 1942. (more…)

Gesia (Goose) Street Concentration Camp, aka KZ Warschau

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One of the problematic areas of Holocaust historiography is the claim the non-registered prisoners or departures from camp (Abgaenge) meant gassing.  Given the establishment of the camp memorial archives was usually in the hands of elements hostile to the Nazis it can be difficult to disprove. (more…)