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Majdanek: the beast is born… Part 1

Posted in Essential Postings, Majdanek by littlegreyrabbit on March 15, 2010

 While it would not be true that Majdanek was the start of the Allied-Soviet Greul Propaganda drive, Babi Yar perhaps takes that crown, it was by far the biggest publicity event to date and the best choreographed.

Majdanek was equipped with an old crematorium consisting of two mobile ovens dating back close to the camp’s establishment.  However, allegedly in 1943 the Germans built a new crematorium with 5 ovens, a gas chamber and a water heating facility (albeit one that was not attached to anything aside from Oberscharführer Mussfeld’s own personal bathtub in the crematorium itself).  Strangely the Soviets took a large number of photographs and film footage at liberation in July/August 1944 showing scaffolding up the chimney, very much like it had just been constructed.

The earliest ground photo of Majdanek crematorium is likely this one

The scaffolding up around the chimney is unavoidable.  The photo montage below is probably includes earliest available photos  (note the slight gap in the brick work beside the left most oven):

The bottom frame shows an absolute absence of any structure behind and to the right of the ovens.  These were later built up to be a gas chamber.  There is a wooden frame which may have been the construction of the original wooden barracks, again later to be replaced by a low brick wall

In this later photo here, we can see the Soviets have begun to construct walls to the left and at the rear.

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